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Hey everyone, Chris Martinez with and today I’m going to talk about why you need to pay attention to legalized pot!

Put down that 6 fit bong and pay attention because our country is in the midst of a very big economic revolution.

As you know, many states are looking at legalizing marijuana for recreational use and regardless of whether you think this is good or bad, what you need to be looking at is the tremendous growth of this “new” industry and what you can learn from it from a business perspective.

Entrepreneurs who are not potheads and have not had any previous interest in pot prior to this monumental event are no flocking to states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes and are betting their fortunes on this emerging industry.

It’s like watching a gold rush before our very eyes!

Legalized weed is so knew that it’s like the wild wild west but one thing is for sure.  People are making LOTS AND LOTS of money.

Pay attention to the way these companies operate, market, and coordinate with local governments and see if there are things YOU can learn that can help you in your small business.

Thanks so much for watching.  This is Chris Martinez with and if you like this video make sure you like it and share it with all your friends, subscribe to my youtube channel, and feel free to leave a comment.