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Hey Everyone, Chris Martinez CEO and Co-Founder of Website In 5 Days and today I’m going to tell you what to say to people who complain that “so and so” is stealing American jobs.

So one of the things that is driving me absolutely insane is when people say that such and such group is stealing American jobs or stealing their job.

This type of entitlement mentality drives me up the wall.  Guess what?  Just because you were born in the United States does not mean that you are entitled to a job just like you’re not entitled to live in a big fancy house, you’re not entitled to be a professional basketball players, and you’re not entitled to have a thriving business after 30 days.

JOBS ARE EARNED…NOT GIVEN.   And newsflash, if your job is “given” to someone else it’s because you yourself haven’t made a strong enough case for yourself to earn that job anymore.

Just because you have been doing the job a certain way for years and years does not mean that you’ll be able to continue doing it that way forever.  Nor does it mean that your job will even be necessary anymore.  And if you are unwilling to learn new skills and adapt to what the job market requires then you’re just lazy and incompetent.  Adapt or die my friends.

As business owners, we know that hiring an employee is a HUGE accomplishment and takes a lot of courage and you endure a lot of risk. And if you’ve ever hired people then you certainly at one point or another have been taken advantage of, disappointed, or often times had an employee steal from you.  I have had all 3 of those scenarios happen to me multiple times.

But listen up entrepreneurs, don’t get caught up in the same mentality of entitlement as the world shifts and you yourself might find yourself not being of value anymore.  Think about how when Travelocity and orbitz and kayak all came in and wiped out all the travel agents.  And I’m seeing that now with a site like who is disrupting the pet sitting industry.  Your future is not guaranteed and don’t think that you are entitled to a business model that will last for the next 100 years.  The market will dictate the success of your business based on what the market wants and not what you want.  So be prepared to shift accordingly.

So that’s my rant on this whole “stealing our jobs” bullshit and so the next time that someone complains about so and so stealing American jobs make sure you remind them of these points.  One, nobody is entitled to a job just because they were born in this country.  Two, the market will decide what skills are valuable.  And three, you have every opportunity to learn new skills to make yourself and indispensable asset to a company and if you don’t do that then you’re just lazy and stupid.

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