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Hey sexy internet people, Chris Martinez Websitein5Days and today I’m going to talk about how to manage contractors that you use in your business.

No great business was ever built on it’s own.  It takes a TEAM to help you succeed in today’s economy and that’s why people hire us at because we not only give you an amazing website but we also give you a digital marketing team to help you grow your business online.

So as you are growing your business you will most likely need to hire contractors or contract employees to help you accomplish certain projects and tasks.  Sometimes you can find these people in your own city but sometimes you might want to look at hiring contractors overseas because the labor costs are so much cheaper.

Now a little disclaimer, it makes no difference to me whether you find people in the US or in Antarctica.  That’s your choice.  So don’t start emailing me about telling people how to send jobs overseas.  I don’t want to hear about it people.  It’s a free country and we can do whatever we want with our businesses.

So with that being said, if you’re looking to find a contractor you’ll want to find websites that you can advertise your job post.  Craigslist is probably the best for the United States, but if you want to find someone overseas, you can also try

Keep in mind that no matter what you are hiring for, you will essentially be SELLING the employee on why they should work for you and not the next person.  Remember, great employees have multiple offers and if you don’t hire great people then you will waste time and money and you will ultimately not be able to grow your business because you’re baby sitting the mouth breather that you’re paying $7/hr to do nothing.

Write your job post so that it sells the benefits of the position.  If it’s part-time then make sure it talks about the flexibility of the job and the freedom.   Make sure you include your big MISSION and what you are doing to help people.  It’s not just the job that details that will attract the best candidates.  You need a big “why” to convince them to come work for you.

Make sure when you have them apply that you put in some preliminary tasks to weed out the dummies.  Have them send you their resume in a pdf.  Make sure they also include in a separate pdf a cover letter.  Do all these little things to weed out those who don’t pay attention. And be ruthless about this.  Don’t accept anyone who can’t follow these simple steps.

Next you’ll want to do some sort of test with the candidates who make it past the first round.  For our web developers we make them take an online test and if they don’t pass then they are automatically kicked out of the process.

Then for the ones who pass that you will want to do a face to face, or skype, or phone call interview.  Put them through a real-life scenario test if you can so you can see how they respond under the actual job conditions.  And if they pass then check your gut and make sure that you feel 100% comfortable working with that person for the next year or longer.

And at the end of that process you will want to monitor the contractors and there are several online tools like Time Doctor that can help you monitor their computer/internet activity and give you actual reports on what they are doing.  Because believe it or not, employees do fudge their time cards from time to time especially if they don’t think anyone is watching.

So that is my big tutorial for how to hire contractors.  If you like this video make sure you hit the like button and share it with all your friends.  Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to see more of my videos.  And of course feel free to leave me a comment.