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Hey Sexy Internet peoples, today I’m going to talk to you about how easy it is to create a web video!

The other day I was talking to my friend and client Maia Kincaid with and she was saying how she loves my videos and that she would love to be able to do some videos of her own, BUT she thought it was too complicated and too expensive.

Well, I’ll tell you all the exact same thing that I told Maia….It’s not that difficult and it’s not that expensive.

And so today I’m going to show you all exactly how I do my Video Wednesdays and hopefully inspire you all how to do your own videos so you can grow your business, your brand, and your credibility.

So let’s start with the basics of the equipment.

I actually use my iphone 6 camera, mounted to a standard tripod, and then most important of all is this little lapel mic that connects directly to the camera.  Have clean audio is extremely important.  People will cut you some slack for your video quality, but have very little tolerance for having crappy audio.

The tripod is nothing fancy, but I did go out and buy this fancy tripod adapter that clamps your phone to the tripod.  It’s super easy and costs about $8 on amazon.

The lapel mic you can also get on amazon for about $19.

Then usually I will use our lighting kit which we also got on amazon, with a backdrop for around $100.

So basically you can get our entire setup, minus the cost of the phone, for less than $150 which is a steal.

Then don’t worry when it comes to be an amazing movie star and orator like me.

To let you in on a little secret. I actually screw up in the videos ALL THE TIME but I have an amazing video editing team who uses this technique that we can “jump cuts” to just edit out all my mistakes AND make the video (and me) look super cool.

So I always start out with a script that I write out and then I basically use my laptop as my teleprompter.

I have my laptop just out of the shot and then after I hit “record” on my phone, I simply read one line on my script, memorize it, and then read it on camera, and then I read and repeat that process for the entire script.

It’s incredibly easy because I can screw up a million times and my editors will fix it.

So that’s basically a quick tutorial on how I do all my Videos and hopefully now you’ll be inspired to start shooting some of your own video content.

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