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Helloooo interwebs.  Chris Martinez websitein5days and today I’m going to talk to you about GREAT headlines and call to action phrases to have on your website that will lead to more leads and sales for you.

Another big shout out to Laura Porreca from for another awesome question.  She writes “Do you have examples of good lead sentences on a website and why these are great and also what you should NOT do”.

Great question and Laura what you’re basically asking is what verbiage should you put on the website ABOVE the FOLD so that you let your potential clients know that they’re in the right place and that you can help solve their issues.

So the first thing that I want to tell you is that you should be willing to split test different headlines and calls to action.  Very rarely do you hit the ball out of the park the first time.  You usually will have to go through several variations of copy until you get the magic formula.

So here are some ideas of things that you should definitely DO.  You definitely want to have some sort of call to action on the website.  Whether it be clicking through to a page where you can collect lead information, downloading a free report, signing up for an evaluation, watching a video, reading about a case study, etc etc.

If you’re looking for great ad copy then I would HIGHLY recommend that you look at other smart digital marketers and copy what they say.  Never try and reinvent the wheel.  You can also google “Top headlines of all time” and see if you can get inspiration there.

Definitely check and make sure that your call to action/headline are showing above the fold and that all buttons and fonts are easy to read.

Do NOT post a picture of yourself talking about how awesome you are.  Remember that people don’t care about you they care about themselves. You need to speak to THEIR needs and not your own.

So those are my biggest tips.  Laura thanks so much for the question. If you like this video make sure you hit the like button…..