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Hey guys, today I’m going to talk about a Facebook lead generation campaign that I did that got 45% conversion on cold traffic and generated over 150 optins in less than one week!

Ok so “how do I generate leads?” is always one of the biggest questions that small business owners have especially when it comes to their website.

Recently I ran a campaign on Facebook and got an amazing 45% lead conversion on COLD TRAFFIC, got over 150 leads in less than one week, and so I want to share exactly what I did to crush it and how you can too.

So basically one day I was looking at my bestselling book and trying to think of how I could leverage this to get in front of more BNI members since so many BNI members are my clients.  If you don’t know what BNI is, it’s the world’s leading referral organization of which I have been a member for over 5 years.

I’m looking at this book scratching my head when it hits me!  Dr Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI did the foreword for my book…I wonder if anything he wrote about could be good ad copy for my Facebook ads??

And sure enough I looked inside and he had written things like “This is the essential book for getting your business online”, “you must read this book”, “this is the greatest digital marketing book of all time”, etc etc.

And the funny thing is that I have had this foreword for over 2 years and until now it didn’t dawn on me what great things Dr Misner says about me and how I can use it to help grow my business.

So anyway, I run my ads giving away a free pdf copy of my book to people who have liked Dr Ivan Misner and BNI and it goes NUTS.  Tons of leads, tons of likes, ton of shares.

It is a massively successful campaign.

So here is what I did. I basically piggy backed on the relationship that Dr Ivan Misner had with MY ideal audience, leveraged his celebrity status, and used his words to convince people to download my book and get on my email list!

It was that easy.

So here’s the big takeaway.  Find a big influencer who already has a relationship with your ideal clients.  Create an opportunity for them to endorse you.  Then those kind words to help you giveaway your lead magnet which could be a book, a video, a free report, whatever.  Then advertise on Facebook to that person’s list and watch the leads roll in!

If you follow this method I promise you that you will see massive success like I did.  And if you need help connecting with or finding your influencer just let me know and we’ll help you do it. In fact, we can help you set up the entire campaign.

So if you want us to help you implement this entire strategy for yourself, please go to our website at and request a consultation.

Thanks so much for watching this video on how to generate 45% conversion from Facebook ads.  If you like this video make sure you hit the like button and share it with all your friends.  Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel, and of course, feel free to leave me a comment.