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Believe it or not, began with a cold-call. Chris Martinez was working for a Search Engine Marketing firm and found Ryan Gagajena’s local web design business through a Google search. At the time, Chris was looking for affiliate partners who could resell his online advertising services and he thought that Ryan was a perfect fit. Ryan was running a very successful web design business as well as a couple profitable e-commerce sites.After a quick 30 minute phone call, Chris and Ryan realized that they were completely on the same page in terms of how to take small to medium sized businesses and enable them to be successful online.

Both Chris and Ryan understood the value of a) a quality website and b) the importance of driving traffic to that great site. Without a quality site, the traffic didn’t matter and vice versa, without any traffic a quality site didn’t matter. It also didn’t hurt that both guys were members of Business Networking International (BNI), a global business networking organization.Almost a year went by and then lightning struck. Chris, who was still working for the SEM company, kept running into the same problem. Day in and day out he was meeting GREAT small businesses who had horrible websites. These small companies didn’t have the time or resources to invest in a custom website, but they desperately needed something that would help them get the internet working FOR them and not AGAINST them.

At the same time, Ryan was repeatedly turning away business from people who needed a website that was more professional than the “do-it-yourself” providers, but didn’t necessarily need a full-blown custom website.

It was as if the universe was conspiring for them to create a new company that could help this under served market!

Chris soon approached his good buddy Ryan with an idea.

What if they could create a web design company that provided small businesses with great websites, at a low investment, with a quick turnaround, and provided great customer support, and most importantly, provided customer’s an amazing experience in the process?

Ideas started to fly around like a tornado and after lots of emails, phone calls, meetings, and lunches, was born.

And the rest is history!

We pride ourselves on providing our small business clients a fantastic website that converts visitors, relays your brand in a professional manner, and we do it all within your budget constraints and we deliver everything in less than 5 business days or less.

It’s what every small business owner wants and needs!

The Executive Team




Chris Martinez – Co-Founder/CEO

Chris Martinez is the current CEO and Co-Founder for His professional resume spans a wide range of work environments from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, but deep inside he always knew that he was an entrepreneur at heart.

Chris was born in Torrance, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles, and after completing high school he attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2003, Chris launched his sales career with Pitney Bowes Global Mailing Solutions. He quickly moved from a Sales Executive to a Management position where he became one of the youngest Sales Managers in the country.

In January 2007, Chris’s life was changed forever when his Dad died of pancreatic cancer.  Within a month of his diagnosis, Chris’s Dad died surrounded by his family in their condo.  Following this sad and unfortunate event, Chris decided to leave behind the corporate world and pursue his dream of launching a regional soccer magazine called “FFI Soccer Magazine”. Looking back, Chris now jokingly talks about how it was the worst time in modern history to launch a print magazine and after 2 years of publishing, Chris decided to close the business.  Massive amounts of debt accompanied the closing of this business, but eventually Chris was able to pay off his debts and start over.  Despite the hardship, Chris sees this failure as being one of the most important lessons he has ever learned.

Soon after FFI, Chris Martinez decided to teach himself web design through the use of YouTube videos. Eventually he furthered his education in the online world by learning everything he could about online marketing. This soon led to a sales position with ReachLocal Inc and then a position as the Online Advertising Manager for two Los Angeles-based newspapers.

In 2012, Chris Martinez and his business partner Ryan Gagajena launched to provide solopreneurs and small business owners custom websites and online support to help them grow their businesses online.  The rest, as they say, is history.

As the current CEO for, Chris is responsible for setting the direction of and also managing the sales and marketing initiatives that drive new customer acquisition, up-sell opportunities with existing customers, and client retention.

Chris is also very passionate about his involvement with the cancer mentorship charity “Walk With Sally”. Since 2012, Chris Martinez has been a mentor to a 15-year-old young man named Patrick who lost his mother to cancer.

In addition to running, Chris is also a Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Sales Trainer, Online Video Producer, and in May 2014, Chris Martinez published his first book entitled “It’s Not JUST A Website: The Small Business Owner’s Blueprint for Taking Your Business Online” which soon became an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Chris currently resides in San Diego, CA with his Golden Retriever, Nola.


Nelson Tan – Co-Founder/VP Finance

Nelson Tan has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in manufacturing, real estate, and technology. He brings his financial expertise to to help ensure that Ryan and Chris don’t spend all the company money on candy and soda.

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